Boosting File Explorer's Performance in Windows 11: A Simple Trick

While software bugs are generally a source of frustration, there is one in Windows 11's File Explorer that puts a positive spin on things. This bug can actually be leveraged to enhance the performance of File Explorer, making it faster and more responsive. Here's how a simple trick of switching between full-screen and windowed mode can help you optimize your File Explorer's speed.

The Unexpected Benefit of a Bug

Bugs are often associated with problems - causing unexpected behavior, lowering performance, and creating numerous other issues. However, a peculiar bug in Windows 11's File Explorer is proving this notion wrong. Instead of causing harm, this bug can be exploited to enhance the performance of File Explorer, providing a noticeable speed boost to users. This discovery changes the narrative around bugs, highlighting that sometimes, they can come with unique, beneficial quirks.

How to Make the Most of This Bug

Getting a faster and more efficient version of File Explorer is surprisingly easy with this bug. All it takes is toggling between full-screen mode and normal windowed mode. For most users, this simply means pressing the F11 key twice. In some cases, depending on the keyboard setup, you might need to press Fn and F11 together. This quick and easy method can significantly improve the responsiveness of File Explorer, enhancing your overall user experience.

The Source: VivyVCCS on Twitter

This tip was initially shared on Twitter by VivyVCCS, a user who discovered this unexpected benefit of the bug. According to Vivy, exploiting this bug not only boosts the speed of File Explorer but it also disrupts the navigation bar. While this might be viewed as a drawback by some, it could also be seen as an indicator that the navigation bar might be responsible for the initial slowdown of the File Explorer. Hence, it's up to each user to weigh the pros and cons and decide whether the performance boost is worth the loss of the navigation bar.

Deciding If the Trade-Off Is Worth It

Although this bug offers an effective way to speed up File Explorer, it's important to remember that it comes with a trade-off - the disappearance of the navigation bar. This could potentially hinder the user experience for some, making it harder to navigate through files and folders. However, for others, the increased speed could outweigh this disadvantage. Ultimately, it's a matter of personal preference and the nature of your work. If speed is more critical for your tasks and you don't heavily rely on the navigation bar, exploiting this bug could significantly enhance your efficiency.


In the world of software, not all bugs are bad. As shown by this unique bug in Windows 11's File Explorer, sometimes, these glitches can be used to our advantage. By simply switching between full-screen and windowed mode, users can enjoy a more responsive and faster File Explorer. However, it's critical to consider the trade-off linked with this bug and decide whether it's a price worth paying. Ultimately, this discovery is a reminder of how versatile and unexpected the world of tech can be, where even bugs can lead to performance improvements.

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