Among Us

Among Us

Among Us

Members of a spaceship crew have to complete their task to launch while there is one or more sabotaging impostors among them. Will the crew detect them and throw away, or will the impostors take over? Download Among Us! for Android, iOS, or Windows and play to see. 

How to Play Among Us

So, you are a member of a spaceship crew (or not truly a member, if you’re assigned an impostor role). You have a list of tasks to prepare for the launch – to complete them, you need to enter certain rooms and play mini games. If the crew does it all successfully, it wins.

It’s not so simple, though. An impostor (or two or three of them) has infiltrated the ship. Their mission is to kill crew members until they’re in control. They can also sabotage task completion to postpone the launch. So don’t get surprised if an emergency call takes you to the conference room to discuss who to throw away. If you know the impostor (or you think so), you can vote for them to be ejected into the open space.

You can share your ideas in the chat, use Discord for voice chats, keep from voting, or act like you are the impostor. Simple? But very psychological, regardless of who you represent.

Old School Vibes

How to start Among Us! review without mentioning 8-bit era? This game is in 2D, with intendedly pixelized visuals, reminding of the 1980s. It’s trendy, it reduces Among Us system requirements and the game size (76 MB on Android, less than 200 MB on iOS), and it lets players focus on the gameplay instead of visuals. They are not poor, though: you can customize your appearance, chose name, get distinct from other players.

If you don’t want to play Among Us game online, you can opt for playing with your friends within your local network. This makes it even more alike Werewolf or old times console games. You can download and update Among Us free on mobile devices. 

Play Nice!

Like in many games, Among Us free-to-play mode made it popular on Android and iOS. No wonder there were many fans who wanted to cheat, so they installed modifier Among Us APK files. They may give them some extra perks and advantages. It’s up to the game host to detect and ban them.

Get Among the Players!

It’s just about time you download Among Us if not yet. So download Among Us for Android and iOS (or for Windows) via safe links we provide. If you like detective games, psychological approach, and intellectual effort, Among Us! is your perfect game – at least until they make a sequel.


  • Simple gameplay with depths hiding behind
  • Stylish old school visuals
  • Online and local games supported
  • Smooth cross-platform integration


  • Many toxic players
  • Tasks get boring after some time
Lasting Appeal