Unveiling the Secrets of the Concubine Contract in Assassin's Creed Mirage

For all the enthusiast players of Assassin's Creed Mirage, the thrill of the game substantially revolves around the side quests or contracts. One of the earliest and most interesting is The Concubine Contract, which challenges your stealthy abilities as you play as Basim, working your way through a convoluted palace race to kill the captain of the guard in the prince's palace without taking any damage. Let's dive deeper into this exciting contract and break down the best strategy to come out unscathed.

Initiating the Concubine Contract

Initiating the Concubine Contract

Your journey begins at one of the Brotherhood bureaus, where you can collect the contract from the board inside the bureau. If The Concubine mission doesn't appear immediately, don't fret. Simply engage in other missions and return later to check for availability. Once you collect the contract, remember to track the side missions in the Investigations screen.

Stepping into the Harbiya District

The heart of the mission lies within the confines of the Prince's Palace in the Harbiya district, situated east of the Khurasan Gate Guardhouse. If you have synchronized a viewpoint east of the Palace, you can travel to get there quickly. The next checkpoint is the guard tower on the southeast corner of the Prince's Palace. Hike up there, and one quick interaction later, you can call upon Basim's eagle to tag your enemies.

Leverage Stealth and the Surroundings

Leverage Stealth and the Surroundings

You then perform a leap of faith into a pile of flowers, taking out the guards quietly. From there, climb the palace walls using the boxes underneath the carpet draped over the balcony. Use this vantage point to get a good view of the scene, and remember to stay out of sight of the guards.

Walk towards the right to the balcony's end and wait inside a curtained box until the guard moves along and gives you a window to extract him from the equation. Make sure to keep the area clean before using Basim's whistle to lure the second guard and remove him as well. Don't forget to use a throwing knife for a silent headshot, eliminating the third guard on the balcony.

Approaching the Endgame

The final part of the mission requires a combination of patience and stealth. Sneak down the steps near the Guard Captain's position, keeping a watchful eye on the guard residing under the archway. Use your whistle to grab the Guard Captain's attention and retreat up the steps, waiting for the right moment to make your move. Should the hidden guard appear first, deal with him and repeat the process to draw out the Guard Captain.

With the mission target subdued, Basim must slip away unnoticed, retracing the path he came from. As you escape the Palace walls, a satisfying completion of The Concubine contract meets you, having successfully maneuvered through the mission without taking any hits. The triumphant conclusion of The Concubine Contract is a testament to your stealth and strategy skills, setting up for more thrilling contracts down the line.

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